Zen Saturday: Raining Hard

I wake in the middle of the day
We talk but cut me short
I change my clothes

We watch television
As we talk
I feel hungry
I walk down the stairs

I fry an egg and four pieces of sausages
I eat
I’m full

I sit in front of the computer
I set the time
I compute for the bill
Tenants are leaving on Wednesday

We can’t avoid conflicts of interest
I’m done with computation
You’re in the kitchen
Speaking while washing your hands

I write my prose or poem
As you eat with my sibling
An hour later, You finish eating

I am alone again in front of the computer
It is raining hard
As I write my Zen
The rain becomes light
I save my work
Now, I am done

1 thought on “Zen Saturday: Raining Hard

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    ” Raining Hard ” conveys brilliantly the everyday nuances of an ordinary life, replete with those episodic moments which otherwise we would deem unremarkable simply because we are part of them and experience them on a daily basis. Yet they serve as a basis for an unpretentious and a thoroughly rewarding poetic experience.

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