You’re Always There … For Me!

You’re always there for me, no matter what,

No matter what your day has been

You never falter moving far from me.

A talent, a dream or something else

Once I thought I could not tell, why you stood

Close by to me but, if asked was I

I could not tell a lie

Why you stand beside me so.

A fixture true depend upon

Have I grown used to you?

You stand so tall, so rigid, tight

Your strength in unwords, spoken

Softly, maybe into the night

Whilst Owls stand guardians by,

As you now sleep, and I

Awake now lie.

You’re always there, in heart with soul

In hand, close by you always stand

So tall as if a solider, sentry

Guarding life and limb;

Beneath my favourite blossomed tree

In splendour summer noonday shines.

Whilst we picnic in hearts’ dream

As daisy chains through fingers, now doth entwine.

© Sharon-Elizabeth Walker, 2012

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