Your Watch

Your watch,
Fastened upon your wrist,
Giving you an extra charm
Bids me to want
To throw away my offerings,
To mute the prayers echoing in my heart
And to pull at my hair,
While screaming out vicious tsunamis
Which can engulf you
In their melodious harmony
Of the strong appeal
That emanates from you!

Your watch,
Clasped tightly upon your wrist,
Has me imagining of how
It shall be when
I shall soar at you
Seated on a sparkling unicorn
To steal it
Because wearing that which is yours
Creates a new world in my galaxy,
One in which you and I
Play, side by side,
A romantic symphony,
Which bids flowers and trees to dance!

2 thoughts on “Your Watch

  1. amitapaul

    Love can be said to have reached unusual heights when even the watch of the loved one can inspire high emotion and flights of fantasy.


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