Magnificat : Suburban Shopping Mall

small-time dealer,
five dollar wraps
weekdays in the
shopping mall carpark
Saturdays behind
the Diamond Bar,
crumpled currency
changing hands,
churned in sweatpalmed
assignations between
college kids trailertrash
loners losers;
The 4-door Sedan appeared,
wound down its window
called him over,
smalltime shrugged,
his smalltown demeanour
got mistaken
for an insult;
Deus Ex Machina,
they took what smalltime
wasn’t willing to give,
they left him
beside the shopping mall,
his crumpled life
changing hands
in the dust,
loners losers trailertrash
college kids interrupted
their smalltown assignations,
to watch as the Sedan
wound up its window


The Bridal Veil

Hidden behind the veil dear beautiful bride,

Your parents’ pride,

Their lifelong dream to see this day

This very auspicious day,

Eyes shining like twinkling stars,

Nay, a galaxy of stars,

Be not so coy,

Oh, you the bridegroom’s joy!


Wait pretty one,

Wait the chosen one,

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven times,

Round the fire you’ll go, remember seven times,

To swear, with love, with expectation,

To follow your life companion,

Through path thorny or smooth, with devotion,

in total submission.


And when the veil goes down,

To be tucked around,

Be ready,

And steady.

The decorative bridal henna on the hands,

With vigorous work at hand,

Will be busy tackling challenges, forgetting the ease,

Having one and all to please.


Oh, the moment heavenly,

Of being under the lovely bridal veil, momentarily,

All decked up, shining in glory,

Of paradise gained though transitorily,

Awaiting romanticism, and love unfathomable,

In the warmth of nuptial bliss, unforgettable,

Great holy vows,

Heart going wow, wow, wow!


And with a heigh and a ho,

With much pomp and show!


@Pushmaotee Subrun


Some Stories

Some stories hide in the shadows
And fall in love
With other stories, for better or worse – –

And toss a bouquet of queries
For others to grab
In sickness and in health – –

Some stories survive,
Are kidnapped but set free
To be loved and cherished – –

Some stories forget their vows
And try to separate
Mother from child – –

And some stories wait
For another generation
To rewrite them.

Exploring the concept of beauty

Consoling, exhilarating and appealing,
Astounding, jaw- dropping, mirror- cracking
Oh, beauty, thee provokes us in many ways,
Compelling all to gaze at you with amaze.

Some gaze at with eyes so profane,
Disturbed, some regard with disdain,
Some secretly admire but choose to feign,
But all yields to thy boundless reign.

Some are confused in their delusion,
Think of a veil hidden face as another moon,
What lies in the eyes of one beholder,
Not necessarily stir passion to smoulder.

Every single culture has its fair share,
Of unmatched beauty, I can declare,
Beauty in diversity adds to our ecstasy,
Bestowing to this universe euphoric serenity.

With racial diversity they all enamor,
They all enthrall us with their glamor,
There is mystic feel about all His creations,
As though sculptured & sent from heaven.
(C) K. Radhakrishnan

Janus Words

How complex words are,
how complex our minds ;
how complex reality really is !

Schizophrenic Words ,
Skunk Words ,
Janus Words ,
Polysemous Words,
Heterosemous Words
Auto- antagonistic Words,
Paradoxes and Oxymorons ,
and Euphemisms :
What shape- changers our thoughts are ,
that create such words !

And so one reflects on the nature of Janus words ,
and what they shows us about our own thought- processes ,
and how conflicted we can be !

I think it is time to add to the list of Janus words,
Those two- faced words that with no help whatsoever
From syntax , meaning morphing from one form of speech to another,
Or from adjuncts like prepositions ,
Can still mean two exactly opposite things
Within the same form
Such that sometimes even the context remains ambiguous .

I think it is time to add to the list of Janus words
That you can find all over the Internet
Like Cleave , and Bolt , and Trip , and Fast , and Dust and Weather .

Take Civilization, for example.

Civilization !
Europe laboured for a long time under the delusion
that what it was taking to other continents of the world
was Civilization ,
When in fact it was the exact opposite :
It was Barbarism and Savagery :
It was the destruction of older and wiser Civilizations.
So Civilization turned Janus under Colonialism and became Barbarism as well .

You could say Civilization in this sense is a Euphemism for Barbarism,
but I say Civilisation remains Civilization still in a positive concept in cultured minds ,
so it’s a Janus word when it comes to colonised nations :
there it means the Destruction of Civilization , too.

Or take Development .

Development !
What is Development ?
Development once meant betterment of ways of living
And in some contexts it still does
But see how it changes
For others :

Development means
Urbanisation , industrialisation, mining
Spread of pollution
Destruction of fields and forests ,
mountains and rivers ,
Extinction of whole species , of many tribes
To fill the pockets of a chosen few.

Development today means
Exploitation of Nature ,
distancing of Man from Nature ,
Westerinsation or Europeanisation
of more sustainable ways of live,
destruction of communities and families
foisted upon the looted nations by the Bretton Woods Institutions,
through unrepayable loans.

Development remains Development still
For old coloniser nations
But Development now means Ruination as well , and Pauperisation.

One could go on and on

About how Information
now also means Misinformation
Or Disinformation,
How Truth now also means
Alternative Truth or Post Truth,
How News now means
Anything but the News as well,

How whenever America says
it wants to establish Peace somewhere
As , say, in Afghanistan or Iraq or Syria,
It means it will fight bloody wars there :
So Peace now also means War.

Or when America says
It wants to establish Democracy in a country,
What it really does is
To set up its own favoured Dictatorship there.

There are hundreds of such words today ,
These examples just come mind , instantly.

Euphemisms or Janus words ?
You decide for yourself.

It’s Getting Late

I suppose you know

How the evening will eventually go

There will be good food

To set the mood

You will be, at once

Both easy and tense

Feign nonchalance

At first glance

The banter will grow

Just so that she is sure

After dinner it could go

Right up to her door

There will be talk

Of cinema and books

Half way through

Both on tenterhooks

By the time the dessert is served

Still space left

For such a meal, you were

For eons bereft

You drop her

Right outside her place 

‘Will she won’t she?’

Who will initiate

Take that risk on a first date

Parting of the lips so slight

You know the moment feels right

Could there be a hint

More blatant

Finally you here

The magical words    

‘Come in for coffee’

That hot beverage

Much maligned 

The last thing

On your minds

My dear brother Jaysingh

Yours was a life full of silence,

Call it labyrinthine, call it serpentine, call it crystalline,

Call it anything, you lived it to the fullest

With simplicity and divinity of the sages.

Autistic by birth, with needs few and wishes fewer,

You set an example to the world that man lives not

By bread alone for love is the main ingredient

That makes the soup of life palatable and formidable.

I remember how mama used to tell me that she had

Her eldest son who was just like you and when he died,

Mama prayed to God to return her son.

God listened to her grief and brief was the time

When she gave birth to you and you resembled her elder son.

In those days, all children were alike

And mama loved you, we all love you.

Now that you are struggling between life and death

With none of us to stand by your side,

Except health professionals,

I pray to God to give you courage

To fight this pandemic.

And even if you succumb to it,

I know you will be happy

For since a long time, mama and papa want to see you.

They want to tell you how they were with you

At each and every moment of life.

I know death is just a change

From one form of life to another.

You will be young and healthy again

And you will walk proudly

For victory is eventually yours my dear brother.

We all love you and pray to God

To keep you happy always.

All men have an angel guarding them

And God gave you two

For he knows best all our daily needs.

pramila khadun