Your Beauty Forbids Me Every Rest


Your beauty forbids me every rest,

Beauty so pure like gold after fire-test.

Never in dream, my worth had measured so heavy.

That Godness has graced me with riches of your beauty.

Your beauty, your grace gas mesmerized me so;

No pain, no worries , no grief; my senses now know.

Your grace envisions me with heavenly sight.

Like cosmos greeting me with its every light.

I am the born master of my life,

But your gestures, now controls my life.

My mind no longer, with me live.

Your thought it seeks for every relief.

My heart throbs in me, but throbs in your lyre.

I assure you, you possess divinity more than others.

Your presence arouses  all my latent desire.

Like every colour soothes eyes but red ignites the fire.

Your beauty forbids me every rest,

Solitude stricken my senses, are now filled with every zest.

My passion yearns for warmth of your breathe.

Crowned with your presence, my past life resembles death.

Many a beauty my eyes have seen,

Never my eyes have met such a sheen.

Your smile gives me sight of every bright.

I feel graced with radiance of Eternal Light.

Listen O beauty, whose incarnate are you?

Guide me, How do I worthily earn you?

So that you are offended not at all.

Nor Almighty’s rage on me fall.

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