You Stand By Me

You stand by me when hope

Seems gone, powerless, motionless.

Life’s deepening crevices, scarred expanse

when all seems lost

evaporated, by crime of time.


You stand by me, you’re always here

held deep within my soul.

No duty-bound, air suffocate

encroaching space does soulmates’

love, now take place.


Knowledge of heart, conviction true

Held deep within, protected.

Eternal love, to thine own self be true.


You stand by me, with sheltered, sided-wings,

Motionless whispers, silencing your breath

As you rebound each fall, I take.

Protecting every teardrop

as life’s experience creates.


You stand by me, through love’s timeless expanse

watching each rainbow bloom.

With each new bloom, love’s Pot of Gold

Eternal love stays true.


You stand by me, with deepening crevice

With silent speech you catch

Me, as I fall

Soulmates entranced, through Pure Love’s dream

Enriched within loves soul.


© Sharon-Elizabeth Walker, 2013

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