You felt cold and heard them laughing.

  • You felt cold and heard them laughing.
  • There was no mistaking we were new, but everyone laughed with us.
  • It was suddenly so dark in your mind and you stored yourself away.
  • The cold took its damp hand over your life.
  • We could hear them laughing in the distance, from human to laugh. Misunderstood in all things, belittled and hated.
  • You never met the love of them, it had two of us together, however.
  • Betrayed so many times and slandered by those we call friends and family.
  • All the beauty was suddenly made ​​ugly and they still went on.
  • They took everything beautiful from us they believed but they were wrong. Together we went against the stream without being afraid.
  • They would break us, they would divide us, they would not us.
    Always was talking bad about you and me, were seldom the truth.
  • Always we were there for others, but never was reckoned for something.
  • We were not rich and we were not popular, we were just a joke.
  • Together we held longer than anyone else they never won a battle against us. We’ve been there where the earth ends and this is where it begins.
  • Our footprint on the world will last forever, the others will crumble and disappear.
  • We’ve seen longer and deeper than anyone we know.
  • They have scratched the surface and skating on the facade without knowing what lay beneath them.
  • They could never understand life and in their emptiness they must forever be ignorant and hollow.
  • Even the strongest storms has not been able to drive the two of us away.
  • We still stand and can hold his head high, it was not us who failed as human beings.
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Hey Destiny Poets. I live in Denmark about 90 km from Copenhagen and works in Roskilde as a teacher and mentor. I'm probably not like most men of my age and yes I am aged 50 years old. I've tried a lot of jobs without finding what I'm passionate about. Writing, I have always loved and I was probably just 14 years old when I produced my first poem. I have not yet been released some of my poems, but I hope it happens one day. I just finished a novel which I would like to have published, now the time and talent show whether I have the ability to write. Poetry has a special meaning for me and this is where I really feel at home. My life has sometimes been marked by many losses. In the mid eighties, I lost my fiance at the time when the accident happened was pregnant. She lost control of the car and drove herself and her child, who was on his way thereby, to death. It has really made its mark on my life and way of thinking. In the late nineties, I had problems with my back and had to seek other avenues to support myself. I finally decided to enroll at university and was admitted to the humanist line. I read philosophy, science, psychology, journalism and history, but philosophy and psychology is my major interest. I thrive today in the RUC aka Roskilde University just 25 km from Copenhagen. My job is to guide and teach, and it is a job with speed and that gives me a lot again. I have two collections of poems ready to be released, if I can find a publisher who will publish them. I have no children, it would obviously be my lot in life although I have tried, but luck never smiled at me that way. If you have any questions for me so I hope you just ask away all you want, I'll respond as soon as I have read the questions. With kindest regards from Jan Sorensen

2 thoughts on “You felt cold and heard them laughing.

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    ” You felt cold..” is in the truest sense of the word a scathing,polemical work of quite extraordinary intensity . My general comments appended to Jan’s ,” You,Me and I “as regards a broader canvass to do justice to the subject ,applies to this also.

  2. jachso Post author

    We share this world, why can we not be kind to one another. Life is what we make of it and in doing so we should take care of one another. If you love your self you should have love enough for all mankind. Be nice to one another outthere.
    Yours truly

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