You don’t spell love

The clouds made ugly faces
There was thunder loud
Thrashing with invisible maces
Lightning flashed across the sky
A beleaguered dove hid himself in the foliage
Shriveled up by the thunderous rage.

Ambling through the jungle wild
The piglet little
Terrified by the shattering of peace brittle
Clung to Winnie, the Pooh, and lisped
“How do you spell love?”
In the tree, the white little dove
Fluttered its wings, all a- quiver
At its imminent extinction.

“You don’t spell love, you feel it,”
Said Winnie, the Pooh, with a sagacious air
So, the piglet looked around, pirouetted and danced
Absolutely entranced.
“Look, look, I can feel it, it is all around us
In the bird song
In the right which just purged a wrong
In the buzz of the bees
In the sloughing of the trees
In the glow of the flowers
In the luxuriance of the bowers
In the waves caressing the boulders
In the chortle of the toddler on his father’s shoulders.
It is inside me, it is all around me I can feel it, I can feel it.”
Breathless with excitement, he danced and danced
His knowledge enhanced.
Winnie, the Pooh, watched on with an indulgent air.

In the tree smiled the little, white dove
Looking at the clouds indulging in an orgy of love.
Assured that its phobia of imminent extinction
Was actually a mere delusion.

5 thoughts on “You don’t spell love

  1. Kamlesh Acharya

    The poem is a gift to all of us Santoshji … it gives you goose bumps just reading the ‘feel’ of love because it takes us there. Beautifully crafted, luxuriously written slice of life! 🙂
    Thanks for sharing Santoshji.


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