You dead or what?

You dead or what?

“There are the dead and those who claim to be dead”,
he opined;
“For someone who’s supposed to be
 dead you seem to be doing a lot of
moving around”,
he said arching an eyebrow;
“Not that I would question your right 
to identify as dead”,
his lips dripping with irony;
“Merely that your present vivacity
doesn’t immediately convey to others
an impression that you are indeed dead”.
Hearing this mortophobic prejudice,
the one identifying as dead slid back
into the coffin muttering,
they’d wait until someone sympathetic
to their lifestyle choice comes along.

2 thoughts on “You dead or what?

  1. amitapaul

    This poem hints at the deepest of existential ironies where the living and the dead cannot even clearly identify their own aliveness or deadness , leave alone understand the condition of those who are in the opposite state , and therefore cannot even properly sympathise with one another .


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