You Are Not Alone …

You are not alone when

Tears stain your saddened face,

When anger stirs to hate

The kids all fighting

‘til daddy gets home

And then there is peace.


You are not alone

Facing the stresses and strains

That the modern world doth bring,

Crossing roads where creatures, once stood.


Standing beside the telly there

It being an apt place of peaceful pride,

Gives us the strength to carry on

With the love of life

This picture of our Jesus Christ.


Now all smiles sun shines upon

Those burdened with heavy minds,

Life now shows how joys are shared

With those who once were sad.


Worry not now someone there

Who knows you, and that cares,

Whether you are happy, or sad

Remember now the Love of Christ?


© Sharon-Elizabeth Walker, 1999/2012

1 thought on “You Are Not Alone …

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    ” You are not alone ” alongside , ” Dinnertime,yum” and “Twinkling of an eye ” display the poet’s versatility and industriousness.Such an abundance of delight, a veritable plethora of poetry.

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