You Are My Master

You are my master

You dictate

And I dance.

You order

And I cheer.

How to sail smooth

At odd winds?

I learn smart ways

To unlearn.

And my master is happy

And so am I!

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About Sid

Abu Siddik is an Assistant Professor in English at Plassey College, Nadia,West Bengal. He is a bilingual author, editor, critic, poet, and storyteller and has been published in India and abroad. He has three critical books: Representation of the Marginalized in Indian Writings in English (Falakata College Cell, 2015), Misfit Parents in Faulkner’s Select Texts (Authorspress, 2015), Banglar Musolman (Sopan, 2018), and two books of poems: Whispering Echoes (Authorspress, 2020), Rugged Terrain (Authorspress, 2020). For more please visit him at

11 thoughts on “You Are My Master

  1. Stella Luna

    How to follow God’s will and be I to submission to our true master. I love the simplicity and the universal truth behind it, about the Maker and His creation .

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