You are my all

Beautiful sky can see you
Sun the lover of moon can see you
Moonbeam can hug you so easily
Even sweet breeze can kiss you endlessly

I am seeing wonderful puffy clouds
I told then to help me with some words
What a wonder they felt my worries about you
And told me, they will convey my pain, by vow

I am so unlucky, I can’t
You are my sweet heart
Then they can, why I can’t
They also know, you live in my heart

I know without bear pain love can’t be
I also know lover has an extra eye which can see
This may be called imagination
Only lover can feel the real situation

Is it called eternal love?
Yes, says my revived believe
Whatever it may be, honey dear
Only I know you have fulfilled my nature

Where there is no patent pain
Love obviously can’t be remain
You always live in my lyrical soul
And for me, you are my all

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