Yearning for more

Sitting on the shore of an alien river
I am catapulted to my beloved land
Of the willows, the poplars and the oak tree grand.
The river rolls up growling.
“How dare you fantasize about some other river
Sitting on my shore?”
My heart starts howling
Yearning for my homeland grand, wanting some more
Of those fragrant memories of yore
Piercing me to the core.

My mind whirls with many intoxicating thoughts
Of walnuts, almonds, cherries and apricots
In a vile rage
The wind goes on rampage
Infiltrating into my heart
Perhaps trying to dislodge my thoughts
Of apples, pears, peaches and apricots?
What if I fling my rebellious heart in the river?
Like the tiny me who had thrown that teddy bear in the Lidder
In those happy days of yore?

It would start spinning and whirling, churning and clinging
Grinning and unfurling, turning and singing
Swimming onwards towards my homeland grand
Palpitating at the thought of being back to the beloved land
Whistling a tune like a happy lark
On the lost arcadia yearning to embark
Overwhelmed to the core
To be once again on the native shore
Rejuvenated by the reminiscences of those days of yore
And yearning for still more.

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