Write me a poem

Write me a poem
I said to my muse
Write me a poem
And tell me
Of how it feels to see me
Smile genuinely whenever my eyes
Would settle over yours!

Write me a poem
And tell me
Of what it is that bids me
To plunge into your depths
And to forget this life
Seeking solely the solid warmth
That emanates from your chest
As your heart beats ecstatically for me!

Write me a poem
To allow me to be imbibed of feminine strength
So that I do finally come to accept life,
As it is, laden with its many secrets
And its illusory gardens!

Write me a poem,
And let the bells of poetic matrimony
Ring for me as I
Live through the fake layers of this life
Imposed upon by this world!

Write me a poem,
Of which I shall be so inspired
That I shall keep thirsting
To open my wings, colorful and fluorescent
Merely to dazzle the world
With their shine!

Write me a poem
Since I am a mere agonizing poet
Relying upon your inspirational vibes
To feed my pulsating wounds!

4 thoughts on “Write me a poem

  1. Amita Paul

    A lyrical expression of longing addressed to the significant other in whom or in whose poetic expression , the poet sees the messiah or saviour of her inner self and soul , and the solution of all her dilemmas .


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