Worthy Water

Ask the preciosity of water from a thirsty voyager!
Water, a marvelous creation of God
Is life for the one who is parched thirsty
And Death
For another who is kicking hard in its depths to remain afloat.
Is apocalyptic in its excess as well as its crunch
Drought kills and flood drowns.
The beautiful Niagara falls enchant whereas
Tsunamis scare
Survival of all the known forms of life
On the entire universe depends on this
Colourless H2O
Taste and colour changes each time
When mixed with other substances
It’s divine during summers.
Human beings survive without food
But not without water.
Poor amble miles to fetch a pail of water
Drought pushes the innocent
Into flesh trade
Plummets the economy
While the privileged enjoy long hot showers
Twice a day, soak in bathtubs and go for Jacuzzis
Water is precious
Save every worthy drop!

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Dr Sangeeta Sharma is head of the department of English at Birla College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Kalyan, affiliated to the University of Mumbai, India. She is widely published as a critic and poet. Besides that, she is a regular freelance for Mumbai-based national newspapers. Recently, she published a book In the Shadows: Women in Arthur Miller's Plays and co-edited Delightful Dickens: Some tributes with Sunil Sharma published by YKing Books, Jaipur. Many of her literary and critical articles have been anthologized. Currently, she is engaged in a UGC-sponsored Minor Research Project on the Structural, phonological, orthographical, grammatical and lexical differences in British and American English. Under Faculty Exchange Programme, she visited the University Department of English, Clayton State University, Morrow, Georgia, USA, in March-April 2012.

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