Womb of Terror

She breathes life
In the universe
The sturdy banyan tree
Nurturing the carrier of faith
Feasting on her blood
Shading , protecting the seeds
Giving them life, through her veins.
They grow through her roots
Spreading out, finding their feed.
Each one moves, through the glades
Learning, earning, falling, arising
To meet the means of existence
In their pursuit of happiness.
They fall back, get dejected
Taste success, breathe failures.
Circumcising on their beliefs
Divert paths, siphoned on desires.
Fighting for one’s space
Fighting for one’s belief
They change their mission of life
Running after dreams of superiority
Holding, weapons of destruction.
Thirsty for the flesh and blood
Men-O-Men, of same passion.

In the blood soaked lands
They gallop for their victims
Among the weakened lot
Forgetting the banyan tree
That shaded them, fed them!
Cursed seeds engulf,
The bleeding womb, inflicting wounds.
Tarnishing her existence, ravishing her
Scaring her roots, killing the womb
Gorges on her flesh, the hordes of ravens
Leaving behind an unforgivable carnage.
A bleeding humanity juxtaposed
On her bleeding soul,
To feed their egotistical goals,

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