Without an “if”

I might borrow your first line
“If you only knew”
to express the impossible
I will never know what fluids
drive your passions
What morning smells incite your
midday dreams
What water runs in your saliva
when our eyes meet
What spins in your breath streams
when the light of my skin blushes the night lamp
“If you only knew”
a line that calls for despair
Sounds like love has burnt its shade
no flavor left in corners
no prisoners took
Love is indeed a fluid that crosses souls
no need of knowing
and mostly…. without an “if”

8 thoughts on “Without an “if”

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    ” Without an ‘if’ “, is the poetic equivalent of a handful of crushed ice shoved down the nape of your neck.Shocking and refreshing in all its softly spoken,languid menace.It refers to Prisoners,fluids,smells and Iulia’s favourite trope “despair”;what more could her aficionadoes hope for in this iron fist in a velvet glove of a poem? May I be so bold as to draw comparisons to the classic Tom Lehrer track , “The Masochism Tango” ?

  2. iulia gherghei Post author

    “this iron fist in velvet glove of a poem” This description of my poem honors me deeply! Thank you so much, Louis Kasatkin!!! 🙂

  3. Louis Kasatkin

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