With Heart In Hand, Do I Stand Tall!

 With heart in hand, do I stand tall?

With comrades fallen, now so small

And in the mound of earth

Beneath my feet!


With heart in hand, now I command

To all who left behind

Loved ones, young and old alike

In honour, remembered now are we!


With heart in hand, our lives stand we

If once our bodies tall

Did friends and I, stand side by side

Although my comrades fell

And left me all alone!


But now my chance, has come, at last

In full honour dwell

For now I may be crimpled,

Yet I stand so tall!


For now my shadow’s my best friend

Full military honour, I salute

To one and all, and

All for One, in Grand Salute

Do I stand so tall!


© sew 2012

7 thoughts on “With Heart In Hand, Do I Stand Tall!

  1. Sharon-Elizabeth Post author

    I simply wrote this poem when my friend posted a picture of an elderly solider at the rememberance wall. He was all crumpled, but his shadow a former glorious solider. Then the poem. just came to me!

    1. Louis Kasatkin

      Thank you for sharing those insights with us.Poets and poetry aficionadoes alike are often intruiged by what lies behind certain work and what the sources of inspiration are for the poet.


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