Wish I could Have Been There

He was born to earth to die so we might live
That is quite a sacrifice to give.
There’s lots of things we don’t know about how they lived back then
But everything will be revealed when He comes back again.

I wish I had known Him when He was here
But I wouldn’t have known Him long
And when I lost Him I wouldn’t have been strong
But at least I would have been near.

Knowing Him then would have been great
But not any better than now
Chances of meeting Him then would have been slim
And I talk to Him every day anyhow.

You can’t put a price on what’s in the past
You can only count on the things that last
You don’t have to pay, it’s all free
Salvation costs only the asking you see.

So pray each day and see what you get
I’ll bet its blessings you will never forget.
Your heart will sing as never before
And you will be happy and God will adore.

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About Jan P

I was born and raised and still live in the great state of Oklahoma in the U.S.A. I live in Oklahoma City and have lived her for over 40 years. Came from a small town in eastern Oklahoma. I was raised on a farm as my daddy was a sharecropper. I worked for the Department of Defense for over 30 years. I am now retired and trying to catch up on all the things I didn't get to do when I worked. I have written poetry for many years, but only recently started writing more since I have found a place where others can enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it.

5 thoughts on “Wish I could Have Been There

    1. Jan P Post author

      Thank you so much Louis. I hear the music in my head but it is never played. Maybe someday. Glad you hear the music too.

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    This poem comprises one of the twelve chosen for inclusion in , ” PICK OF THE POEMS ” an Editorial selection of the best poems posted during July 1 – September 30 here at Destiny Poets. Our Facebook page carried the original announcement on Friday,30 November.” PICK OF THE POEMS ” is an Editorial Selection of poems posted in each Quarterly period throughout the year at http://www.destinypoets.co.uk The selection is tabulated in alphabetical order and PART 3 are choices made from the Calendar period July 1st.-September 30th. This notification is also posted and can be viewed under HEAR HEAR at http://www.destinypoets.co.uk * A Silly poem – Madhumita Ghosh….* Childhood – Fathima Manal….* Emily Dickinson’s lost Dog – Reena Prasad….* Hunger Reactions – Sunil Sharma….* I never walk alone – Kusum Vig….* Infinity – Gina McKnight….* It Calls – Keith Wallis….* Languishing – Stephanie Doty….* Mental Bullying – Aparna Pathak….* Swaying of thoughts – Diwakar Pokhriyal….* What’s united about our kingdom ? ” – Phil Martin….* Wish I could have been there – Jan Phillips.


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