Wisdom from Trees

I dived in the ocean of illusion
And found myself in a magical forest,
One in which trees love to speak,
Ready to lecture us at any moment
Of how we, blinded humans,
Can fall prey to ourselves!

I walked a bit, greeted a few of them,
And sat,
Under a huge baobab,
To listen to what it wished to transmit!

Humans, it hummed,
Are way too concentrated into the unnecessary
To see how beautiful
Can their journey be!

Instead of reaping fruits given to them
By their own abilities,
They are always ready to bite off
Each other’s heads
Merely to be able to be proclaimed
In a world which thrives upon impermanence!

Pray, if they could be like me,
Steady amidst life’s winds,
Their time spent would have been
Like a garden of red roses
Filled with flying dandelions;
A world impregnated with sharing
And brotherhood instead of wars and crimes!

I breathed in deep,
Gasped for air, and woke up, heart hammering
In the silence of my dark room
Only to smile at the dawn that was peeping at me!

From trees,
Shall make of me
A dancing flower in a garden of carnivorous plants!

1 thought on “Wisdom from Trees

  1. Amita Paul

    Such a beautiful poem in every way ! Lyrical, dreamy, idealistic, with a wonderfully inspiring subject , championing the causes of ecological consciousness, empathy for other forms of life, world peace, and the brotherhood of man besides a recipe for human happiness. Well done, Anoucheka!

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