Wintery Broods

The sounds emanating from the tropical winter remains delicious

Leaves ruffling on their branches and shuffling my hair

Bid me to smile at their cold caress

More, the brown carpet which they offer me to walk on

When they fall to the ground is so enjoyable

I love the cracking sound leaves emit when I walk on them

What’s better with the tropical winter

Is the sunny clime that maintains itself throughout!


Pray, is it not a recreated version of a joyful summer

With the only difference being that, now,  a cold breeze

Pricks my skin and invokes in my being

The harbingers of the sore throat

As well as those of the runny nose!


Pray, winter can be so relishable

When you live on an island

Winter, can even bid my muse of poetry

To hammer at the wall it has built around my heart

So that the world does see

That it is not made of stone

But rather, that it seeks only enough

Strength of might to face the winter

Even if, being so tropical,

It remains, enjoyable!


Why, the tropical winter is such a delight

Other than enjoying its feel

I do also remain grateful for the warm protection

That I have been blessed with

Yes, it is comforting and satisfying to sleep

Under warm covers at the deepest hours of the night

And to dream, of the hidden face of love!


Wintery broods, dreamy moods

Wintery broods, whimsical auras

Wintery broods, hopes of the greatness

Of our Existence!

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