Wintering out


wintering out 3

What will you do now my friend?
That the winter storms have come;
And the mountain pass is blocked by heavy snow.
Will you ride down to the lower plains?
And camp there for awhile,
While waiting for the coming of the thaw.
If you wish you can stay with me,
In my cabin by the lake;
It’s the first year I’ll be wintering out alone,
There’s food and drink for more the one, I’d like your company,
And I have oats and straw
For your horse, out in the barn.
I know you like the open road,
With freedom in your face;
And your nomads blood, does not like to rest too long,
But we can make the best of thing –
While talking about old times –
Share some jokes, and sing a few sad songs.
We will not be disturbed here,
When the North road comes under snow;
Except for a pair of wild swans in the reeds,
I fear that one has died this year, 
I have only seen the cob, 
In many ways he’s a little just like me.
You say that you must carry on?
Ok my friend, I understand,
May the road rise and the wind be to your back;
I wish I could accompany you,
But I’ve lost the will to go;
From now on, memories are the only roads I’ll track.

© (Löst Viking) ( December 2015) John Anthony Fingletonöst-Viking/746104845419195

10 thoughts on “Wintering out

  1. VijayNair

    A dramatic monologue on”wintering out”, brotherhood, and existential choices ,underlining the fact that for some ”memories are the only road” one can possibly ”track.” Brilliant !


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