Wild Leaf

Whisper, O wild leaf!
To my
Deaf ears, and
Muffle my soul
Every tangent
Of thy warmth.

Offering supplication
With every beaded
Dew drop, in
Twilight zone
Rambling breeze
Sing thy praise
Bringing near, the
Touch of fate.

Give me a place
Beside thy rustle
Stretch me, to
A journey, astral.
Whisper, O wild leaf!

5 thoughts on “Wild Leaf

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    ” Wild Leaf “,conveys to the reader a sense of anxiety as well as a restlessness which despite its plaintive tone never succumbs to despair.

    1. tapeshwar Post author

      I feel divinely elated as I see thy comments. Only thankful is what I had to offer in all my humbleness. So grateful of thee. So much thanks, Louis Kasatkin Sir!

  2. Louis Kasatkin

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