Why you hurt

You hurt me so

Do not know why

You hurt me, so
You, hurt me
Like a flower
My demeanour
Soft as petal
You hurt me still
In many different ways
Could not figure out
To this day
Whether it was called for
My hapless being
Totally at your mercy
O God dearest
You made me so
Was that called for
Someone to ill treat
Me, my hapless being

As I look back with awe
Now much better
With time mightier
Those wounds still hound
Leaving marks indelible
I beseech you again
As night is young
In a blanket newfound
Like an armour it shall cover
To annoint and protect
When the almighty shall
Think twice , before
Hurling at me
His bogus onslaught
My hapless being
No more at anyone’s mercy
Why you hurt…

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