Why is the World Dark, Gloomy and Sad?

Why is the World dark,gloomy and sad

When all around is Spring-like air?

Why wait for darkened doom

When Kiddies laugh, then someone

Stops, for time of day,

And show they care

Come what may?


When all around the Worlds’ gone mad

Through grief, or greed?

Why wait for life to pass you by

When all is said and done?

Now take another look, and stare

Away from your own soul?


There’s always someone far worse off

Than in your world, full of dread!

Go take a look around, you’ll see

Those budding scents, creeping through

The earth below, showing us

The way to go.


On with life, no matter what.

If Nature grows, through thick and thin

Who are we to grieve a doom?

Why wait for chance to knock?


If only everyone who needs

Would open eyes to take a look,

And stare?

The World, far greater be

A place for all to live

And Care!


© 2012 sew.

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