who did it ?

Who did it?
I did not do it, you say?
Why then, are the skies permanently gray?
Not even a patch of brightness anywhere
Are the clouds scurrying around frantically
In search of sanity?
Oh, they are clouds of gun-smoke, you say?
How can guns be sane?
They kill, they main, they orphan
Even the flamboyant butterfly is sooted
The chatter of birds, ah, so muted
And the scare-crow in the saffron field looks scared.
This is the corollary damage of war
Forget it, you say
Close your eyes, this is beyond control
I close my eyes
But my ears hear the rumble of clouds, they are on a roll.
Don’t be naïve, idealism is not the answer, you say.
I close my eyes
But still see children running around helter- skelter
Overhead the welter of clouds sniggers
As somewhere a gun is triggered.
I hear the wobbling of boats
And threnodic notes
And bloodcurdling screams and shattering of dreams
The world has gone crazy, it seems.
Oh no, more screams!
It needs to be institutionalized, I think
Are you on the brink? You say.
Who created this mess?
You did not, you emphatically say.
But why do I still see that toddler’s eyes
Speaking to me from the newspaper page?
Close your eyes, close your eyes, you say
I cannot, I cannot, I will instead, write a poem.
I put pen to paper and title it, ‘Who did it’
A ravenous whirlwind draws nearer
As somewhere another child is hit
Quietly he breaks all earthly ties
And closes his eyes.

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