Who Are We Really?

Angels or devils?
Right or wrong?
Good or bad?
Goodness or evilness?

Some call it relativity,
Some call it judging,
Some call it duality,

I call it fact,
I call it reality,
Stealing, Abusing, Killing..
Can this be good by any chance?
Doing this kind of dirtiness how can this be right?

Some people are so happy doing evil things,
Some people are happy to leave their dirty fingerprints on the walls of your life,
Some people do the impossible to ruin your life,
But still other people do their best to help you with all they got,

They say God can’t see,
God loves everybody,
God can’t judge,
God can’t support one party,

But we all know that God is love,
God has created this world with love,
And the whole universe is turning around with the power of love,
The whole world is turning “Right”,
And if something goes “Wrong” in a fraction of a minute all can be destroyed,
“Right” and “Wrong”..
Good and Bad..
Goodness and Evilness..

Are words created for a good reason,
In this world even coincidence is created on purpose,
The purpose is to make the world go on good, right, and with Love,
Love is maintaining this sacred net,
Love is setting the connection with harmony,

Why are we so proud to be bad?
Why are we so eager to show we belong to evil?
Why are we fascinated by devils?
Why do we love hate and its destroying intentions and powers?
I wonder what can we gain by walking in the darkness?
Leaving loving trace to always remember,
isn’t it better than leaving dirt to remember??

This can be coming from a very deep wound maybe,
But when we got hurt,
Why would we want to hurt everybody?

Making the world full of light, happiness and laughter,
Isn’t better than making it full of darkness, blood, sadness and tears,

We can decide the path we’re going to walk,
The path that God drew,
The path of Light, Joy,
The path of Peace, Love,
And Always Blessed by God.

Rima N. Jaber

2 thoughts on “Who Are We Really?

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    ” Who are we really ? ” exemplifies those qualities that can only ever be found in poetry. Philosophical and theological questions are handled with consummate ease and style. ” Who are we really ?” does what poetry does best.

  2. Rima Jaber

    Dear Louis thank you for your valuable comment, whenever I post I wait eagerly for your comments.. but would love to tell that we are trying to make those qualities part of our daily lives, a real part of us, step by step to become totally us.. Maybe perfection is very hard to reach, but living.. we have to always try..
    Thank you again and wish you a very Happy Weekend…

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