White and one other dying colour


White and one other dying colour

A white sheet, covers me from head to toe;
By all comparisons,
I look far more whiter dead.
White tiled walls surround me,
White nurses – just like white butterflies,
Flutter around my bed.
I remember that great white explosion –
The white ambulances, rushing to the scene,
That guy in the white coat
Pumping on my chest,
As the woman in the blood soaked, white dress, screamed.
In this country they only use white coffins,
To bury all their dead,
I don’t suppose anyone will send me roses;
But if you remember,
Please make them red.

10 thoughts on “White and one other dying colour

  1. VijayNair

    A fascinating and engrossing work that records, through snapshots and the technique of montage, the ”crossing over.”

    1. John Anthony Fingleton

      Thank you Louis I am travelling at present so I am not sure if you posted the ‘New Poems’ on Facebook. I am very flattered by your comments.


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