Whispered Kiss

Our love is as a sore, with whispered kiss of healing breath

Caressed through wings of time caressing air,

Touched by sun-kissed clouds, with dreams

Simulating crystal clear blue-lit skies

Loves embrace.


Time expanse encapsulating pure loves’ dream, entwining

Duelled-hearts emotions felt, as trees bend and sway

Through censored touch of breeze, caressing single-leaves

As loves’ whispering hearts entwine spirits souls and breathe

Loves divinity.


Loves souls, heroes’ whispered armoured-coated painted breath

Protecting heart, mind, soul loves conquer over death.

As sleeping peaceful embeds loves dream, whispering hearts

Entwine from patience waiting sleep,

Celebrate encapsulating loves embrace.


© Sharon-Elizabeth Walker, 2013

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