Whip of Time

All occurrences,
seluth a meaning, behind
The rugged past
Sliding the planks of time

Tectonic movement
Put a thicker feet to crust,
Slovenly erupting
Molten messy core

Though, you heave
Your own beaten track;
Selling, lie to every birth
To every birth in death

Your air have lesser oxygen
Breathing nitrous fumes.
Euphoria lure me a meaning
Beyond the whip of time

6 thoughts on “Whip of Time

  1. Sunil Sharma

    Exploring/expanding English merrily with a poetic license, mixing words of different intensities for a shock…to deliver a message on something affecting us all.
    Language shaper, dear Tapeshwar!

    1. tapeshwar Post author

      Once cricketer and ex captain of India Kapil Dev was asked by the paparazzi: How do you play Sir?
      Kapil Dev said: “Please ask the public.”

      Meaning is always referenced, and that too aptly by the connoisseur like thee….

      Dear respected Sunil Sharma Ji

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