Enough to be enchanted by
The most loved those that others
Called the crazies

When grannies take your whims
So seriously
And toddlers call the shots

When tea becomes a ritual
With cakes and cream
When bedroom roofs are strung with stars
To help you dream

Garters are worn by warriors
As sashes proud
Where fairies sleep and so no one
Can speak out loud

Where hats have brims with flowers
And fruits on them
Where thistles on the Royal Arms
Adorn frock hem

Where Guinea Pigs and Ducks are seen
In knitted caps
Where cider flows not water
From indoor taps

Perhaps these are defences
Against hard hearts
As in our seven ages
We play our parts

For what is Life , dear gentlefolk
When lacking magic
Dreary and dull and listless
Endlessly tragic

( Amita Sarjit Ahluwalia )

10 thoughts on “Whimsy


    The realisation of the real situations in day – to – day life & an understanding that accomodating oneself to the situations is only desirable !


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