Where It All Started

Good people , listen to my tale
For here it all began
A woman with a brilliant mind
Married a brilliant man

An Engineer he trained to be
Teacher and poet she
But Fate decreed a change and he
Caught the dreaded TB

No more machines for you they said
One lung we have excised
Seven long years you must recoup
So life plans were revised

Eng Lit for him Hindi for her
The comfort of their days
Passion and living both became
They came out of the maze

Shakespeare and Wordsworth he’d recite
Kabir and Tulsi she
So children born to them did love
The Goddess Poetry

The child within the womb did hear
The chant , the poet’s cry
The child within the crib did sleep
To gentle lullaby

The children lisped in numbers soft
Because the numbers came
The children grew to recognise
The radiant inner flame

Their lives a search for shining words
Their minds fired with song
And thus one after another
Poems came along

Their songs reached out to other hearts
Ideas to more minds
Each tale a tie that across chasms
Imaginations binds

Across the globe across the years
The luminescence grows
The fire dies then reignites
The light forever glows

Are Poets born ? Are Poets made ?
What says this history ?
Who knows ? This story merely tells
About one family

Good People , all, of every race
And every country
When you have children don’t forget
To read them Poetry

For Poets shall redeem the world
And through this Purgatory
Help us to pass , comfort and cheer,
And at last , set us free

( ASA )

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