Where are we hung?

Money for signatures
Duty done
Ripping the poor
Throwing out their rights.
Limping boys
Not for a cricket game
Get thrashed with the bat.
Hungry man begging for tea
Gets his face burnt
Along with the burning stomach.
With mobile phones in the hand
Driving rash
They die cumbersome deaths
killing innocents.
Nuclear bombs and machine guns
Loaded trains go unladen
Sparing not a child.
Young minds
Corrupted thoughts
Stab their teachers
And kill their posterity.
Where are we hung? India.

2 thoughts on “Where are we hung?

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    “Money for signatures,duty done” sets ” Where are we hung ?” off on its helter-skelter sweep through contemporary life and its fallout as experienced in our daily lives. It is quite an abrasive work ,which is precisely what it needs to be in order to have a firm and unambiguous take on its subject matter.

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