When the words committed harakiri

“They misuse us , abuse us
Malappropriate us”, said words of every hue
Confabulating in a word-conference
Quivering with a passion intense.
“And then callously ignore us, “, said Jabberwocky with a forlorn air .
“We will go on strike, why connive at this deal unfair?”
Up went the chorus,”down, down, down with the writer.”
But, among them sat a hoary fighter.
“I am a corollary damage of this word-war.
The writer forgot me hundreds of years back
But, I still yearn to make a comeback.”
Said Lethophobia, trying too shake away the centuries’ old dust.
“I will try to be rejuvenated, and remove this millennial rust”.
“They are useless without us” , said Quockerwodger
“Merely puppets on a string
Who can merely croak, not sing.”
“We will commit Harakiri”, the tired words said in one voice .
In this word -war, being left with no choice.
So the words,
Bold and cold
Some new, some old
Defiantly did fold
Their power and punch
And slipped into a black hole
Coldly pursuing their goal.
The writer felt the crunch
And sat nursing the writers’ block.
But on his head, like a solid , unwavering rock
Relentlessly tried to knock
The word Awesome, awesomely.
“I did not go on strike”, he said blinking haughtily.
“Am I not awesome?”, he said winking naughtily.
“Ah, you are indeed awesome”, said the writer
Beaming at the charmingly handy word awesomely.
The writer now had a deluge of awesome ideas
Awesome indeed had the strength of a rock.
And the writer was thus saved from the writers’ block.

11 thoughts on “When the words committed harakiri

  1. Pete Mullen

    Along with “awesome”, “legend” is very common in Karaoke circles. Words can be popular or not, but there is a place for them all, especially those words from a foreign language which have no equivalent in our tongue. Thanks Santosh, I never considered words being individual entities before, but they do have life and character, as you so eloquently illustrate. Also, I do love words! (Will you cover punctuation…..)?


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