When Miss Havisham Died..

Stillborn dreams
Broken shadows,
Lay scattered
On the floor.
A moth-eaten flame frayed
Wedding dress,
Hangs behind
The cobwebbed door.
The wedding cake
Long nibbled
By well contended
Mice –
Fattened up on icing,
And celebratory rice.

Just one shoe
Left unattended,
Has spattered stains
Of tears;
The hobbled footprints
In the dust
Mark all the angry
Rust welded Satis shutters,
Guard the secrets
Of this room.
Where the ghosts
Are still forbidden,
To mention,( Compeyson –
The absent groom).

10 thoughts on “When Miss Havisham Died..

  1. John Anthony Fingleton

    Sana, thank you…I will admit it is a surprise to find a comment on this poem after so long a time. But thank you for your very beautiful and constructive comments.

  2. John Anthony Fingleton

    Sana I did not know such a list existed……..but I have see your blog which is so impressive…….I have no idea now to create these….but I have a friend in Paraguay (where I am returning soon) and she understands these things.

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