When Man kills God

When all that matters is material excess.
When mammon and fame become parameters of success.
When mortal success is the only thing pertinent.
When eternal human values become wholly irrelevant.

When man finds excuses to divide and discriminate
through religion, caste, colour and race.
When the eternal commandment of “Follow My Path,”
is misconstrued as “Follow My Religion.”

When greatness of religion is sought in numbers,
proselytizing gives birth to communal embers.
When even charity ceases to be unconditional,
it becomes a tool for religious ambition.

When religious bigotry is rule of the day,
when fundamentalism is having its say,
misinterpretation of holy text ruins humanity,
as secular voices drown in communal frenzy.

When Christ becomes greater than Allah.
When Krishna becomes better than Rama.
In these comparisons – man mortalizes God.

When a man kills another in the name of God,
he kills, not man, but his own God.

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