When Lilacs Embraced Ripples


Scampering gaily o’er shimmering waves,

Gentle ripples, sparkling as sun

Warms the pebbles beneath,

Each motion of warmth within river’s breast.


Lilacs embrace their source of quenched thirst

As the sun heats the way

So their blossoms give birth.

With multitude shades of lilacs, and whites

Doth the river feed nutrients?

And quench thirst alight, of colour galore.


As beauty of colour develops each smile

And every breath breathed

Do scents caress air with wonder, mystic?

And aura supreme.


Now blossomed in full

Hath these lilacs all grown

Weighed with majestic beauty

This river embraces with pure divine grace!


© Sharon-Elizabeth Walker, 2012

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