When Life comes visiting

Isolated in our luxurious shells, snug as hermit crabs,
not bothered about the topsy-turvy world around,
we go on slurping steaming hot coffee
with a poached egg on a slice of toast.
While the ragpicker hunts for scraps of treasure
in the overflowing, stinky dumpster,
we, the high born inhale the morning air
exhilarated by the crisp, morning breeze teasing the trees,
unfazed by the throttled screams of tethered freedom.
Now and then, easing oneself warily out of the shell,
blinking away the brilliance of the surroundings,
quickly scurrying back as scorpion- life stares nay glares,
its pincers wide open, tail curled over its back.
A huge question mark.
Is it about to strike?  Twisting and squirming, we wonder.
Will just a single drop of venom kill us?

In the distance stand the mountains,
faintly glazed with blue and purple.
Tantalizing. Unflappable.
From the safety of our shells,
we see life walking towards us –
loose-limbed, wobbly, ataxic,     
an audacious sneer pasted on its smug face.   
But, we the invincible, are safe in our shells, aren’t we?  
So, why bother?

7 thoughts on “When Life comes visiting

  1. Amita Paul

    A biting satire on stark socioeconomic inequalities , designed to shake the reader out of a false sense of complacency.

  2. Louis Kasatkin

    It is ever the hallmark of a true Poet that their work engages with contemporary society and its pressing concerns and by doing so reveals truths and insights via the Poet’s own inimitable creative acumen.

  3. Madhumathy

    A profound take on the disparities in our society , the poem sensitively portrays through strong images previleges enjoyed by some while others struggle hard to escape the scorpion bite from life.


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