When God Would Become Poetry?

Poets are the wordsmith born with golden quill.

Around universe, below sky, above earth they coil.

They embrace everything with innate imaginations

And ensue with some endearing amalgamations.

They inhale passion and exhale words and keep alive

This meditation they exercise all the while.

Words are their soul mates and feelings their ink.

They tirelessly compose lyrics for a unique sync.


Poets live in rhythm and imbibe rhymes.

They recluse all imbalances as soothing chimes.

Poets scribble their thoughts on the mirror of heart

Where life get reflected as beautiful portrait.

Poet writes and recites in a loop as daily indulgence

And poetry escape for a sweet blend in silence.

When a poet compose poetry in brimming worship

There poetry become God through divine courtship.


Wondering! When God would become poetry..

How would the entire vista get envisaged?

Would spring bloom as Eden on every flower

So butterflies and honey bees have eternal buffet?

Would Moon rays come down on the strings of night

to have eternal romantic ballet with ocean waves?

Would earth emit petrichor from its supple bosom

to sprinkle perfume on vast meadows with dewy love?


Would breeze sing Ballads of Shakespeare

for mountain peaks to enjoy serenity of nature?

Would rainbow woos sky to transpire into a canvas

to have the immortal sketches of Leonardo da Vinci?

Would all stones on earth crave and get carved

to be the pristine statuettes of Michelangelo?

Would passing clouds compose sonatas

that matches with Beethoven’s brilliance?


Pondering when God would become poetry!

What poet on this earth be called?

Would they be renamed as God Smith

who have written ancient scriptures with signet?

Or would they be the creations on the hands of Creator

who seamlessly erase all illusions of bifurcations

So life around appears and perceives like an amazing

Motion poetry on allusion laden God!


© Maaya Dev

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About Maaya Dev

Maaya Dev is an Indian based poetess and an economics graduate. Her poems have found place in several national and international anthologies and journals like Episteme, Criterion, Langlit, Anthesis, Eternal, Wings, Forever, Change, The Significant Anthology, Aquillerelle Wall of Poetry Book 5, Umbilical Cords, Kaafiana. She is a winner of Delhi Poetry Challenge – Kaafiya Contest 2015 and a short story winner Seasosn 1 at StoryMirror. She is a contributor at many reputed poetry sites and won few poetry contests. She is also conferred with the title of ICOP Critic of the year 2015 at Destiny Poets UK( An International Community of Poets). Her debut anthology ‘SHIMMERING CHIMES’ got published by AUTHORSPRESS Delhi, in Sept 2015.She blogs at maayas-musing.blogspot.in.

12 thoughts on “When God Would Become Poetry?

  1. Santosh

    “Words are their soul mates and feelings their ink.

    They tirelessly compose lyrics for a unique sync”
    .vey rightly said , Maaya DEV.lOVELY .

  2. John Anthony Fingleton

    Interesting and spiritual…. I cannot help thinking that if He ever did become poetry, we would all end up wordless.

  3. shamsher

    An enchanting articulation , undoubtedly , and arguably a tour de force , the coalesce between the verses and imagination is at its best ,seeking the warmth of poem . Somewhere relating to spirituality and poet’s own world of words , imagination etc.

  4. Maaya Dev Post author

    Truly overwhelmed to receive such responses from all of you talented writers of Destiny Poets. Thank you all …Kumaraara Sukeja ji, Vijay Sir, Tapeshwar, Shamsher, Sunila, Vineetha, Pramila ma’m and John. Humbled and gratitude.


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