When Existence teases me

Existence teases me

Sometimes by tingling my senses

Sometimes by tempting my soul

Sometimes even by seducing my heart


It tends to will me to feel its goodness

To imprint in my mind

That it is not so cold and cruel

As it seems to be

But, rather

That it is as melting as the tunes of a melodious flute

Or, as uplifting as those of a romantic piano!



Existence teases me

And rouses in me

The dozing beast

The same one which can be so demanding

So selfish, so totally mundane

And so totally impure!


Know I already about the path meant for me

Know I already about the meaning of my choices


When faced with the temptations of Existence

I become as light as a free flowing kite

I become so light as to blow there where

The winds are

Hoping, while I flow, free and without any care

That I shall not end up all torn and worn

But that I shall end my journey

In between the hands of the one

Who set me free!


To Existence’s whims I shall react

Hoping, at each of my actions

To act as per what is expected of me!

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