When Before the Throng, I Found

When before the Throng, I found
Myself upon one knee
Such Love, Such debt
of Gratitude
Was all that could be seen.

But then a voice within my heart
A Whisper, Still and Pure
told me all that I had seen
Pure Love of God
Indeed was found
So spread His Word, to all!

To everyone who has a Heart
A willingness to learn
about all things so wonderful
Deeply Profound, yet
Light within the Soul –

God is soo real
Soo Full of Love
He’s waiting to be found!

So to all my friends, both old and new
To everyone who doubts –

There is no shame to go on down
Down on bended knee
To ask for things, forgiven
And ask just to be found!

(c) 2012 sew

3 thoughts on “When Before the Throng, I Found

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    ” When Before the Throng,I found ” is an exemplary, well-crafted Faith-centered poem. The nature of the subject means that each new re-working,by a variety of different poets ,offers up challenges that Poets like Sharon handle deftly and with great skill. [ Editorial Note ] Thank you Sharon, for a great first post and share with Destiny Poets! please feel free to add a few brief biographical detail to your PROFILE.

  2. Sharon-Elizabeth Post author

    Thankyou Louis, but I have never ‘crafted’ my work? It just comes to me is that ok? I just write when i feel impressed to do so, no matter where I am, or what I am doing!
    What is ‘crafting’ though please?

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