What’s United About Our Kingdom ?

Total confusion, we love an illusion
We want it all now, pay for it somehow
It’s there for the taking, but most of its faking
We strive for the best, end up with the rest

Is our Kingdom united?
Is our Britain so great?
What does wealth have in common?
In an self-service state

The share prices rise, the rich look surprised
The share prices fall, it cripples us all
When the going gets tough, only few have enough
Who gets the last laugh, newsmen show us the graph

Will we end it with Gin or a lottery win?
A light in the Tunnel or a dirty old funnel
Our leaders all rally, but the numbers don’t tally
So where is the trust when it’s all turned to dust?

In a cultural nation that lives on sensation
Obsessed with ourselves, as we spiritually delve
A ‘no size fits all’ in our multi faith mall
We can do what we choose, its ok we can’t lose

The Church is in tatters but not that it matters
It’s a small price to pay when we get our own way
Faith has its choices, with whispering voices
In a land that once feared once respected revered

Just stop take a look what it says in the book
The pages revealing what sin is concealing
The moral decline spelt out in one line
We should call on his name, to be saved from this game.

We’re obsessed with the views, the stats and the news
With the FTSE100 and the privately funded
Consumer opinions, the borrowing billions
The gross GDP and the spin doctor’s fee

The banking dilemmas and middle east tremors
‘Going live to the scene’ you know what I mean
News yesterday became different today
So stay with the script and you will be gripped…………….for LIFE

No Unity here
No Greatness just fear
No Wealth here just Debts
And a nations regrets

Get united with God
From his Greatness above
His Grace is enough
When we rest in his love.

It’s time to unite
In Gods greatness and might
So his wealth flows like rain
On this nation again.

3 thoughts on “What’s United About Our Kingdom ?

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    A very striking and relevant faith-centred exposition on contemporary issues. The style is lively and there’s rarely a dull verse in what is Phil’s first post and share with Destiny Poets !……[ EDITORIAL NOTES… Some refinements have been carried out on the spacing of the verses and to the actual narrative length,some extraneous verses have been edited as they were variations on the strong last verse which appears in this published version .]

  2. Louis Kasatkin

    This poem comprises one of the twelve chosen for inclusion in , ” PICK OF THE POEMS ” an Editorial selection of the best poems posted during July 1 – September 30 here at Destiny Poets. Our Facebook page carried the original announcement on Friday,30 November.” PICK OF THE POEMS ” is an Editorial Selection of poems posted in each Quarterly period throughout the year at http://www.destinypoets.co.uk The selection is tabulated in alphabetical order and PART 3 are choices made from the Calendar period July 1st.-September 30th. This notification is also posted and can be viewed under HEAR HEAR at http://www.destinypoets.co.uk * A Silly poem – Madhumita Ghosh….* Childhood – Fathima Manal….* Emily Dickinson’s lost Dog – Reena Prasad….* Hunger Reactions – Sunil Sharma….* I never walk alone – Kusum Vig….* Infinity – Gina McKnight….* It Calls – Keith Wallis….* Languishing – Stephanie Doty….* Mental Bullying – Aparna Pathak….* Swaying of thoughts – Diwakar Pokhriyal….* What’s united about our kingdom ? ” – Phil Martin….* Wish I could have been there – Jan Phillips.

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