What would you do?

Without Sight…
Never again to see dawn’s early light,
Orange-yellow glow of sunsets on water
Cherished sweet faces of a son or a daughter,
Techno-colored rainbows after the rain
Wildflowers in vases perched on a windowpane,
Snow covered mountains reaching for the sky
Touching the clouds in a tearful goodbye.

Without Touch…
The worn out pages of a favorite book
Numbing coolness of a fast moving brook,
Soft fluffy fur of a month old kitten
Rough wool texture of a lost red mitten,
Jagged edges in the shape of your heart
Lovers embrace when they have to part.

Without Smell…
Baking bread with visions of home
Wind-weary oceans salty sea foam,
Cuban dark coffee, aromatic and rich
Fragrant smoke from a campfires pitch,
Spices of cinnimon, rosemary, and savory
Pungent smell of a fighters bravery.

Without Taste…
Ambrosia delight of a just-ripened peach
Chocolatey sweetness hidden just out of reach,
Honey in hot tea just before bed
Bitter words better left unsaid,
Icy cold beer on a hot summer day
Fruity red wine to chase the blues away.

…what would you do?

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About Suzanne Parlee

I have been writing poetry since I was a little girl. Now an adult I find such comfort in words, in books, and the written word in general. I am from New Brunswick, Canada, a province surrounded by The Bay Of Fundy, and The Saint John River, only one hour's drive from the Maine/USA border. Beautiful province!

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  1. Louis Kasatkin

    There’s not a great deal I can add by way of critique as a reviewer, that could possibly enhance the innate qualities of this marvellous exemplar of the poetic art. Superbly well crafted throughout in terms of emotional/visceral/visually nuanced depth .

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