What obeying the law entails..

Their daughters worked the “Viper Room”

until four a.m.

there’s only charred wreckage

on the spot where it stood,

the Fire Department logged the call

at four thirty-one a.m.

forensics revealed the fire

started much earlier;

seven bodies were found,

shocked the township

newspapers said,

sympathy and flowers

were slow in coming

grieving relatives left much unsaid;

the Priest read from Deuteronomy,

something about cutting down groves,

amongst those listening

some involuntarily wiped their hands,

in case the kerosene smell


3 thoughts on “What obeying the law entails..

  1. Amita Paul

    Absolutely chilling .
    “To “cut down their groves” is tautological to “destroy the idol worship.” Notice, please, that the scripture speaks of “prophets of the groves” (1 Kings 18:19); “vessels of the groves” (2 Kings 23:4), and “images of the groves” (2 Kings 21:7; 2 Chron. 15:16)”
    Truth Magazine


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