What keeps Man from the Truth ?

What keeps Man from the Truth ?
Knowing it , saying it, acting upon it , living it ?
When does Man’s untruthfulness begin,
Emerge, develop, bud, blossom, bear fruit ?
Is it when he begins to perceive
And cannot bear what he perceives ,
Expresses what he does not feel
To get what he wants , smiles to appease,
Weeps , cries , screams to manipulate ,
To get his own way ? Or is it when
He begins to speak, write, use language , words –
For words are treacherous , language stands
At an angle to thought , thought to feeling –
Thought leading to words , words to action ?
Is it because thought, feeling, perception,
Are imperfect forms of realisation ,
Words are imperfect, inaccurate , insufficient
Perhaps even deceptive vehicles for perception,
For thought , for emotion, for realisation ?
Language is representational, symbolic, mere denotation , not the real thing ,not even its actual essence ?
Whose doing is it, who profits from it , how ?
Do poets muddy or purify the dialect of the tribe ,
Why can humankind not stand too much reality ,
From where does Maya come ?
What keeps Man from Truth , Truth from Man ,
How , why , wherefore, to what end ?
Who escapes, is escape Heaven, is this all we know on Earth, through a glass , darkly ?

( ASA )

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