What is Suffering, and Why ?

What is Suffering, and Why ?

Suffering means being pushed back into yourself
After you thought there was no more aloneness
After you thought there was loyalty
You thought there was love, you were wrong

After you thought the strangeness was over
The bizarreness gone for good
The injuries healed the pain gone
It all comes back worse than ever before

It is life without love , it is longing for the soul
It is painful gradual separation , it is absolute rupture
It is disruption , it is the worst betrayal of the whole
When you can no longer heal , when you are old , demon’s capture

The world never made sense: you only thought it did
Everyone is the same : every suffering is unique
It is strangeness after intimacy : there is never any love
Pain, pain, pain : loss, loss, loss: you never really had anything, only separation.

After such knowledge, the letting go
The assertion , the decision , the consciousness
The realisation , the release , the relief, the return
The freedom, the lightness , the rightness of it all.

It’s what was meant to be , for the journey.
From separation through suffering to serenity

Suffering is not meaningless
Nothing is pointless
Be of comfort .

( ASA)

4 thoughts on “What is Suffering, and Why ?

  1. Brindha Vinodh

    A philosophical poem with an in-depth analysis of life and struggles that concludes by saying all the suffering has meaning in the end, when detached from the world and merged with serenity.


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