What if…

What if…

Falling from my skies

crying helplessly through the clouds

till I awake with wings

listening to my thunders as if that was my voice

in a desperate need of mirrors

I met your eyes

and then I became the creature to hold your heart

to hold your life as mine, as my precious secret armor

My hair is caressed by this gentle wind

a breeze of wings shutters my body

the blue sky is sunk in my eyes

beautiful morning with beautiful girl on the shores

waiting for the story to begin

What is that thrill that makes my body tremble?

What is this wind that brings heavenly perfumes?

What is that kiss I felt on my eyes ?

Oh, in an instant, like a blade who cuts deep in flesh,

I felt a total surrender,

I never even saw what quakes my world

and yet I knew,

a feather to his wing is all I ever wish to be

What if he is my angel?

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