What happens when life is praised?

What happens when life is praised?

Birds’ wings take flight, loves’ souls unite

soaring the skies expanse.

Ideology that life and love creates,

Extolment true, as life congratulates.

What happens when life gets praised?

Creative intellect gives birth

To their inner true hearts’ embrace,

Uniting inner sanctums’ heed

Of what happens when

True loves’ espouse, encircling the sea of life?

What happens as one’s life gets praised?

Does life progress, or stagnate?

Advancing now, does true love embrace?

Or come what may

Enticements hesitantly has no stay,

As creativity of life, gets praised

Encouraged through

New Love’s substantiated embrace?

© Sharon-Elizabeth Walker, 2014

(the first poem for 2014 sew)

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