What are We Rushing for ?

What are we rushing for?
Blind wealth?
Arrogant fame?
Superficial love?

We have been taught
to reach the goals very fast
to be always the Number 1
in the rat race
Even relationships need to be
planned, systematic, down to Earth

In pursuit of this illusory mundane,
We often become
stressed, depressed,
antipathic , egoistic,
inhumane, vain

O Human Race!
O Friends!
What are we rushing for?

It is shallow
It is a living death

Let’s take a deep breath,
Learn to let everything go,
No bonds, no pain, no regrets ,
Let’s connect to
the Divine
the soul within us

Over there we always find

O Human Race!
O Friends!
The essence of human life is
to discover the true self
to know the real God

Life often calls for a halt
in sublime silence,
perfect peace ,
It wishes our minds, bodies and souls
be merged in the wise poise

So Human Race,
My dear friends,
What  are we rushing for ?

Vatsala Radhakeesoon

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About vatsala radhakeesoon

Born in Mauritius in 1977, Vatsala Radhakeesoon is the author of the poetry books ,When Solitude Speaks (2013) and Depth of the River ( July 2017). She is the representative of Immagine and poesia (Italy based literary artistic movement) for Mauritius. Her works also regularly appear in online literary journals, magazines and blogs such as Setu, Indiana Voice Journal, Dissident Voice , Tuck Magazine , Destiny Poets and others. Vatsala is currenly self-employed and continues to write poems in English, Kreol, French and Hindi.

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