What Absolution Feels Like..

She’d worn her bright red skirt
low cut top and boots as usual,
Saturday nights were just too
slow without them;
after she’d left the “Diamond Bar”
there’d been a ruckus;
some guys had lost all their
money playing five-card stud:
hyped up they took to smoking joints
and drinking in their pickup truck,
later she strolled nonchalantly
across their feral radar;
after they gagged her
they took turns,
when they’d finished,an old baseball
bat was smashed across her face;
two days later she woke up,
her face all broken,
bandages over her eyes;
a newspaper left by her bedside
reported the Mayor’s election speech,
“We must restore law and order”;
had her eyes seen that story,
her dyslexia would’ve let
those words elude her.

Author’s Note:

This is part of a series of thematically interlinked works – American Noir – that includes:-

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5 thoughts on “What Absolution Feels Like..

  1. Amita Paul

    Painfully dark but unfortunately all too realistic and familiar, this poem , like others in the series , is written with deliberate and devastating narratorial detachment in journalistic style.

  2. Pushmaotee Subrun

    Too much time wasted on talk …on restoring law and order where chaos continues prevailing. Stark gruesome realities of our day so very vividly portrayed in the poem ‘What Absolution Feels Like.’

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